New engine went well at Spa for the Summer Classic. 2nd and 3rd in class, thanks guys made it possible. The car goes better than ever. Great fun hassling a BMW Z3m in a midget! Cheers Max

Max Whitehouse

Outdoor Max LTD

Towards the end of race 1, I managed to snap a half shaft... which meant no drive to the rear wheels. What should have been a simple replacement was in fact a nightmare job as the shaft had broken halfway along its length. Extracting both halves in time for the next race required nothing short of a miracle... but miracles do happen, with some ingenuity and improvisation the miracle was duly performed by Dom and I was back on the grid with 1 minute to spare, less than 40 minutes after snapping the shaft!. To say i was very happy is an understatement!

Paul Wybrow

This was our first season in racing,and our first season with MCR Racing. We were all a little apprehensive due to being novice drivers. Dom, Graham and the Team took control through the process and tutored the four of us through the season, making the early races easy by ensuring all the race processes and procedures were followed. As the season progressed, more detailed coaching raised our competitive level and gave the team an even greater mechanical test as we pushed the cars harder. Their friendly relaxed manner makes working with them easy. Couple this with an extremely efficient delivery of race ready cars at the start of each race in a multi-race day and they always impress.

Martin Doherty

Greysin Racing

I met Dominic at a racetrack where he was racing. I was having some problems with my car and Dom sorted it for me. When it came to getting the cars new engine setup and the car checked over for the new season I had no hesitation in trailering my car from Scotland to Midland Classic Restorations in Worcestershire, and now I wouldn't take it anywhere else. I have been part of the aviation industry for 30 years and in that time have only met one or two people with his level of meticulous and incisive work. I am a Scot and I can assure you of real value for money TVR Chimaera 5Ltr V8

Mike Hamilton

I have continued to work with Dominic and the team at Midland Classic Restorations over the last fifteen years or so. In this time MCR have not only helped develop the car for competition use but also carried out ongoing maintenance and any required repairs. “Dominic has been responsible for building the engine in the car that has claimed back-to-back championship victories over the last seven years. The car now has a reputation for beating must faster cars that it regularly competes with. “I have always maintained that Dominic doesn’t build race winning engines, but rather engines that can win championships.

Martin Price


Over the last ten years, Dominic and his team at Midland Classic Restorations have continued to look after my all of my cars, conducting everything from routine maintenance and MOTs to more substantial engine or metal work tasks. Throughout this period Midland Classic Restorations has always delivered excellent service and impeccable workmanship. In addition to looking after my road cars the MCR Racing side of Dominic’s business has helped to guide me to numerous race wins and championship honours. The team at MCR Racing have not only helped to keep the car race in excellent race condition, but also developed the car’s engine, transmission, suspension and chassis to make it one of the leading cars in the championship. The MCR Racing race support service has helped to make life easier and more enjoyable at race meetings, but also develop me as a driver.

David Price