MG-Live Silverstone 2013

A very hectic few weeks in the workshop with  6 racing cars to prepare for MG-live at Silverstone. An early start at 5am on the Friday morning would see the Team load up with 3 cars for the trip down to Silverstone.

The Friday was a test day, where Dominic and the Team were helping out some customers , guiding them through the testing process, checking over the cars and offering advice on the car setup and driving approach. Normally on a test day we would also be using data loggers and video to gather data on the car and drivers performance. We have GPS enabled equipment which can quickly be fitted into any car and analysed at the circuit, unfortunately in this case the equipment was already on loan.


At the start of the day one of the drivers was lacking confidence, but with guidance from Dominic and Graham at the end of the day he didn’t want the last session to finish and had a huge confidence boost for the racing on Sunday.


Saturday was on paper a day off for the team with no racing for any of our cars, but the day was still spent mucking in with some other teams, and checking over our charges for Sunday again, and getting them passed at scrutineering and noise tested.


Sunday was to be a hectic day with the  2 FIA appendix K specification MGB’s and the Modified MG Midget.  The first qualifying session was at 9am and the last race at 5pm so it was going to be a long day.

MG racing cars at silvetrstone

The cars were entered in :-


MG Midget Challenge

MG BCV8 Challenge

Cockshoot Cup

50 min pitstop race.


With the midget just doing the one race and the MGB’s doing 3 each.  Quite a lot to ask from cars over 45 years old..

Sprite raer


The day proved successful with the MGB’s up against much more powerful non historic spec cars, even beating some V8 powered cars, and taking home some silverware.For the team it was a constant process of getting the cars and drivers ready for a session, checking them over and refueling as they came back in and getting them ready to go back out again.

The drivers times improved throughout the day,after each session they were debriefed and the data from the gps data loggers  examined to identify where they could go quicker, and improve their speed.