MGB’s Oulton Park

The MCR team were once again at Oulton park, this time with Paul and Gary and their two FIA Historic Spec MGB’s.

The Cars were entered in both the swinging 60’s 40 minute race and the 1 hour classic K race. This  meant a total of 2 hours and 40 minutes track time for each of the cars and 4 track sessions.


Both of the races involve a pit stop with the driver having to get out and back in again. This needs careful work by the team to bring the cars in at the best time during the pit window, and get the driver in and out and strapped in as quickly as possible. Its very easy to loose a lot of time there. The driver changes in both cars were amongst the quickest in both races, so well done team.

At the end of the day both drivers were grinning from ear to ear after having some great battles on track.