We carry out all types of engine work,  full rebuilds  from standard road specification to full race

One customer wanted an original specification engine for concourse car.

This required relinering the block to get back to original bore size, and blueprinting the the rest of the engine to maintain originality/machining specs but, with the added benefit of smoother running and essentially; longevity built in. The only non original part, was a change to the valve seats to allow the engine to run on unleaded  fuel.

Whether it be Jaguar E-Type/ J,M,T type MG /’A’ series/MGB/ Messerschmitt KR200 or anything in-between, we’ve ‘ been there, done that ‘ so to speak. Don’t think that it’s just older cars mind, K-series are ever prevalent, along with a recent Aston Vantage V12 and Lamborghini Gallardo.


Whatever you’d like, however you’d like, it’s never a problem and  always a pleasure to do something a little different. If that doesn’t suit, we’re more than ‘at home’ doing standard items of any and all nature.