Race Engines

A racing engine has a very different set of requirements than the engine for a road car. A race engine will spend the majority of its time at peak rpm, and be under a lot more stress. Drivability and time between servicing and refreshing will not be the same and  things such as fuel consumption may not be as important.

As both a company as well as building race cars we also race them ourselves so we understand the requirements of a race cars engine, and how to extract the most power and reliability from an engine. Its all very well having the most powerful engine but if it never lasts a race its not a lot of use so there is always a lot of  compromise.


We build and refresh a wide range of engines and recently over a few weeks we worked on a pre war race engine, some high capacity A-series engines and a 5 ltr Rover V8 from a TVR Race car.


What ever your race engine requirements please call us to discuss.