MCR Built V8 takes to the Podium

At a very wet and changeable Silverstone earlier in May Graham Walden took class pole, a 2nd, a win and a fastest lap In his TVR Tuscan Challenge Car.


The engine had just had a full strip down and rebuild ย with new crank, rods and pistons by Dominic at Midland Classic restorations. The original engine was damaged by an external oil pump failure. With the original builders no longer in operation MCR took on the rebuild. The engine is essentially a TVR 5ltr with extensive modifications to the block, heads and cam, with fixed rockers and adjustable pushrods. The engine came with no information so everything was carefully measured and examined to calculate the exact specification and ensure it went back together to the optimum specification.


With the engine fitted back in the car by the owner it was then off to the rolling road to bed in the engine ready for racing. the mapping was also checked and optimised ( The car runs an emerald ecu with wasted spark ignition and fuels through a brace of jenvy downdraft throttle bodies). With a clean bill of health and over 350 BHP the engine was signed off as race ready.

The results speak for themselves and the owner was very happy with the engine plenty of torque and pulls cleanly through the rev range up to the limit of 6000 dictated by the TVR cast Crank. With a crank upgrade and more rpm there is the option of more power in the future.

TVR Tuscan