Lots of Variety

Some weeks the workshop seems to be full of a particular brand but this week we have a lot of variety. Some in for servicing, some for restoration and upgrades, and a couple of race cars being prepared for their next outing.


At the moment the road cars in the workshop include ย a very nice Porsche 911 targa we have just sold , a Bristol and a Healey 100 in for servicing together with an MG-F and an MGB-GTV8 and an MG TD.












As usual for the start of the season there are also plenty of race cars that need a little pampering after the winter off. Today is no different with a pair of Midget racers joining our own Sebring Sprite and a Mini racer having a new Race engine built for it. and these are just the Cars we have out side the workshop at the moment,


MG Midget Racer