MGB’s At Donington

The last weekend in August 2014 would see the MCR Team at Donington with the classic and sports car club. The Team were running two appendix K MGB’s in the Swinging Sixties 40 minute race and the Classic K one hour race. We also had another MCR prepared car andMg Midget racing with its owner in the swinging 60’s race.

Through the day, working on coaching the drivers through the use of data loggers and on board video we managed to improve the lap times by 5 seconds, which is a great result.

In race one unfortunately one car managed to break a half shaft and retired. This left the team with only 40 minutes between races, to check and prepare both cars, debrief the drivers and change the half shaft. The half shaft had broken in the middle the worst place possible and its normally a workshop job to replace when broken there. With some ingenuity  and a bit of luck Dominic managed to remove the old half shaft parts and fit a new one with just enough time for the cars to get to the holding area for the start of the race.

In the one hour Classic K race both cars were running well, until one driver  lost time with a trip through the gravel, and then on the pit stop we had our work cut out not only to get the driver in and out quickly but also to retrieve the go-pro camera from under the pedals after its mount snapped. We have spent some time working on these driver changes as you can loose a lot of time if you get it wrong,  and even with removing the camera we still managed a very quick stop.

At the end of the races the drivers were beaming, and even managed to collect some silverware.