Spa Francorchamps 3 hour Classic Race

With the Teams Pre 1965 FIA specification MG MGB ready, after a single test day to shake the car down and get the two drivers used to the car, it was then straight to Spa Francorchamps for the ยฃ hour Classic Race at the Spa Summer classic.

The Idea was to get the Team and the Drivers used to running the car in a longer race at Spa ready for the 6 hour Classic race later in the year.

The Team Got to Spa on the Wednesday night and settled into the pit lane. On Thursday there were two test sessions and scrutineering all that went past with no issues.

The qualifying session was on the Friday night, Andy Race took the first stint and got an improved lap time after reviewing the Logger data and video from Thursdays testing. Dominic was next only to have red flags throughout his session. Despite this he also managed to improve his time on the one green flag lap he did get.


For the race we Qualified well in class 48th out of 70 overall and 3rd Fastest MGB. Quicker than the later specification MGB’s on modern tyres against our Historic Specification car on Historic tyres.

Due to some of the other races over running after 15 minutes the race was shortened to 2.5 hours so the team had to quickly recalculate fuels stops and driver changes.

As darkness started to come in and 10 pm neared the race finished. We came in 32nd on the road and 20th on index of performance. Not bad for a test race where we knew we would have to refuel twice with the other cars in class not needing to refuel. As in qualifying we managed 3rd fastest lap for an MGB and fastest driver pairing. with the long range tank in the car this puts is in great shape for the 6 hour race later in the year.