Digital Dashboard

Whilst many of the cars we work on here at Midland Classic were built before  the information superhighway, we’re not afraid of new technology, and have just fitted a race technology Digital Dashboard into the retro looking Modsports Mg Midget. The dash is connected to both the ECU and the data logger to display engine and performance parameters, including live predictive laptime indicators  on one side and shift lights on the others. The unit can also be programmed to warn the driver if any engine parameter i.e. water temp or oil pressure is out of range. This means the driver doesn’t need to constantly scan a range of dials, just the one on the wheel giving all the needed information.


We use data loggers and cameras extensively, in our driver development. Being able to review the data and video and directly compare what happens when a driver makes slight changes quickly helps improve laptimes. If you want to know  the effect of a slightly different line, or a different gear through a corner, using a data logger quickly gives you the answer.


Dash4pro Digital Dashboard